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We cannot wait to meet you!
Service starts at 9:30am


Be Our Guest

Welcome to Harrington Baptist Church (HBC). We are growing church in the city of Harrington, DE. We serve the greater Kent County area in central Delaware. At HBC you will encounter welcoming and friendly people at every stage of their spiritual journey and from every walk of life. Please come as you are. Do not feel like you need to dress up unless that is what you are comfortable in!


Free Breakfast Every Sunday!

Yes you read that right! We serve a FREE BREAKFAST BUFFET every Sunday morning at 9:15am! We know feeding then herding the family to church on time is a weekly miracle - let us help making getting to church a little easier. We provide a variety of foods like pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, Pop Tarts, bagels, tea, coffee (obviously!), and more, every week.

Breakfast is served in the coffee house. If you need help finding it, just ask one of the greeters and they will point you in the right direction.


Kids Ministry

After breakfast, we participate in family worship together. Children and youth attend age-appropriate classes. They are taught a fun, engaging, and biblical curriculum that not only teaches bible stories, but also teaches how these stories fit into the grand narrative of God’s plan for his people.

We provide nursery for children under the age 4 years old as well.

Your kids are in good hands while your worship. Our Kid’s ministry team is led by qualified, vetted and experienced volunteers who have responded to a calling from the Lord to invest in the next generation!

Service Time

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30am


Our Story

Harrington Baptist Church is a growing and vibrant church in the process of a revitalization. That simply means in the midst of our growth, we are updating our building, our technology, worship service, and ministries to be as effective as possible in our discipleship efforts.

In 2016, HBC was dwindling in size and approaching a point in which some tough decisions would have to be made. In the midst of intense prayer, God began to open up doors to individuals, resources, and fresh ideas to revitalize the church to meet the needs of the modern person. Since we began our revitalization process in 2017, we have grown from 12 to over 100 regular attendee's.

What does that mean for you? It means you get to be part of a church with a longstanding and rich history who has found renewed purpose, passion and excitement for the Gospel and the work the Lord is doing.